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St. Louis Style Ribs

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

St. Louis Style Ribs

Square up rack for even cook. Remove membrane from bone side. There are videos you can google for this. Season bone side first – We used Meat Church Honey Hog & Honey Hog Hot. Let adhere for 15-30 minutes. Flip over and season meat side. *Do not go over 1 hr of total adhere time.

Get smoker going at 250° with Hickory or lighter smoking wood/pellet.

Place ribs bone side down on grate for 2-2.5hrs (looking for a nice mahogany color) Spritz every 30 – 45 minutes with your liquid of choice. We used 50/50 apple cider vinegar & apple juice.

Wrap – Two sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Add handful of light brown sugar, 5 pats of butter (we used European style cream butter) and a few beads of honey. (You can add more seasoning here or anything else you’d like). Place ribs meat side down into wrap, close up foil tightly, and put back on smoker for 1.5hrs at 250° (looking for 1/4inch pull back on bone).

If saucing, add sauce and back on for 30 minutes. You are looking for the sauce to tack up (we reduced a regular sauce with honey and some rib candy. I like a glaze instead of full sauce). If not saucing, let sit for a 20-minute rest, slice up and enjoy.

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